Monday, October 1, 2012

No Fancy, whimsical, specialty store shopping. Just DIY projects!

Everything was free here! Window given to me, just add the photos. Shutters are from the side of the road,( repainted and distressed). Green framed art, is fabric put inside refurbished old prints, painted green and aged. Metal cream frames were gold. I painted them and added ribbon, then added the same fabric and clip art I got off the computer of birds. All the other framed photos I had. It flows better if you use the same color. Here I used black and cream. When doing this collage, start laying them out on the floor first. Keep the outer edge like a square or rectangle. A masterpiece that was free!

Old shutters I found in the dumpster when working the furniture market years ago. I painted them, distressed them and hung them on the wall. Then I took old sauce jars added burlap to them, wired them to the shutter and added dried stems of plants from my yard. In the summer I put fresh flowers in the jars. Picture frames, a star and a tea cup that I put a little bird in, add a little more interest.

The family sign was a dog ear fence plank. I cut it down and now it's in the shape of a house. Added metal to the roof, painted "Family" on it and VOILA!

Old deck boards and post make a great welcoming sign. Got this idea from Pinterest but I added a spoon for the hook(my touch), to hold the "welcome" sign. This was made from left over bead board. The cap and base I cut from a deck board. A friend gave me the old deck boards ( thanks Kay )!

Another Pinterest idea. I took that same left over bead board from another home improvement project, cut a "B" out of it, panted it and aged it. Made rosettes from burlap and muslin, and glued them on! That simple.

Now when I saw all the pallet "refurbished" projects on Pinterest, I knew I had to do one! So here it is. I added 2 x 4 boards cut down for legs and spacing between pallets. Slap some paint on that baby and you have yourself a great outdoors table. I love it!

Ok, remember the friend who gave me the old deck boards? Well I decided to make a shoe/bench shelf "thingie". I was so tired of my kids' shoes all over the floor at the front door, not to mention book bags. So I designed it to look like one of those benches with just a slight 45 degree cut on outer boards to make it look like legs. I watered down some white paint so it looked more like a white stain. There, that's much better. Shoes off the floor and a cool piece of furniture in my foyer. Thanks for dropping in and revisit. Who knows what I'll post next. A DIY, new recipe or cool holiday craft. Maybe an elegant garden planter idea. Hope you were inspired!

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