Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nature Inspirations!

My recent trip to the mountains, inspired me a lot when decorating this table. In this post I will show you three Fall candle ideas. Two were inspired by Pinterest with my added touch to make it my own! Some things I like to copy, but most of the time I want to put my spin on it so it's more unique. I used sticks I found in the woods, they already had pine cones on them....perfect! Just put them in a glass vase. Repainted an old craft pumpkin cream, painted another black with our initial, and placed it in an urn I had. Added real mini pumpkins, birds, even a succulent plant. All Nature...Love!

This tealight log idea I got from Pinterest but I added the moss and acorns for more interest. I saw moss all over logs and trees through the trail in the mountains. It was beautiful.

I added dried flowers from my yard and pine cones. I used a 1.5 Wood Boring bit in my drill to cut out the holes in the log. The tealights fit good and snug.
See how nature can inspire you? I'll just take a log and make beauty with it!

I thought this was so pretty, thus inspiring the moss on my tealight log.

This is pretty simple. The two candles on the right, I got straight from Pinterest. It was easy! You just cut an old sweater to fit your candle and hot glue it in the back. I used the sleeves and left the edge of the sleeve so I could flip it at the top. Added a real leaf with string and your done. To the left I added some burlap to a candle, some string and added a dried "thingy". Not sure what it is, but I like it.

Here's a closer view. I cut another log,  that had split, laid it on it's flat side. Again I added moss and acorns. I really like how it looks. It's a different way to display a candle, that's all from nature, but very impacting!

This is something I did last year. I wasn't bored with it this year, so I used it again. I just wrapped some awesome bark around a candle, added a satin ribbon and an adorable butterfly. You didn't know that bark could be so awesome, did you? I again hope you were inspired. Let nature teach you a thing or two about how to decorate....I did!

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