Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Farmers' Market trip turned "Daughter and Mom Day"!

My daughter Chelsey and I went to the Farmers' Market and thus inspiring a turn of events! I will share our day with you long with tips for the fall and two recipes in the next post called "I want a new, Eggplant Recipe!". I love this pumpkin color and the shininess of it. Want to know how to get your pumpkins shiny? A simple coat of Polycrylic Spray. That's it!

We loved this sign so Chelsey took a picture of so represented Fall and the Farmers' Market!

"Decisions, decisions.....which one to get?" We loved them all!

I loved all the colors of this table full of a variety peppers.

This table was loaded with so many different eggplants ! I had no idea there were so many. Then it gave me an idea! I am going to do a recipe with eggplant. Here's the crazy thing...I hate eggplant, I have just never been a fan. So I made up two. I will share them in my next post, so be sure to check it out! After the market we were not ready to go we ventured further!

Can you guess where we are? Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin, Pumpkin Bread.....OMG....pumpkin everything!

So here's where we ended up! And we took their advice and reunited with fall flavors! That's right for all you Starbucks fans. After being at the market around all those pumpkins we decided on a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Yum!

A day filled with Fall, pumpkins, pansies, veggies and time with my daughter! The unplanned day turned out wonderful. We went on to Ten Thousand Villages and to Whole Foods Where we bought some amazing handmade fall soap. I will always remember this day and the Coffee for two!

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