Friday, October 12, 2012

"I want a new eggplant recipe!"

Remember the table of eggplants that inspired me to come up with  recipe for eggplants? Well I did....two of them!

These are so pretty.

I just used the variety you always find at any market. So here we go....

I took half of the eggplant and cut that in slithers. Then I sauteed them in a pan with olive oil, garlic and salt,  crushed red pepper flakes and ground mustard. I made a dipping sauce simply out of sour cream, salt and fresh cilantro. The pepper flakes would make the eggplant spicy so a cool dipping sauce would take the "edge" off. I just love cilantro and thought it would be a nice layering of flavors.

Voila! Slithered Eggplant with cool cilantro dip. I like it!

Moving on to the next recipe. I call this, Banana Pepper Eggplant over rice. I sliced the other half of that same eggplant into thin discs. Then I cut up a red onion, added fresh basil, dried basil, salt and pepper with banana peppers. A little olive oil, garlic, and the juice from the pickled banana peppers. Baked it at 400 F., for about 20-30 minutes. Served it over rice and I have to say I really liked this one.

I discovered that eggplant can be very spongy and will soak up the flavor that you add to it. The slithered eggplant had a garlic hot flavor. The Banana Pepper eggplant had a onion and vinaigrette flavor, which was awesome over plain, white rice.

The flavors I used for the Slivered Eggplant. The sour cream was for the dip.

What I used for the Banana Pepper Eggplant recipe. Hope you like these recipes....I like to be creative with everything I do including food! Visit again as I will be sharing a lot of Fall decorating ideas!

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