Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fabulous Fall!

When decorating for Fall, there are certain areas that I will make impacting. Just really fabulous! One area is my dining room table. I am a, "layer" decorator . I like to add layers and layers. Take it to the next level. There is good, there is great and there is FABULOUS! I like to land certain areas of my home. I like simple in other areas. So in this post I am going to mention some of the areas to really go all out!

By adding "real life" textures to glass, artificial, or decorative pieces, it gives it a more sophisticated look. Here I just added some bark, pine cones, dried grass and items made out of grapevine.

There's the musical, papier mache' pumpkin and a crazy eyed owl! I bought him at Michael's last year, and felt so stupid standing in line to buy him. But I had to have him.

The front door is another area that should be impacting! I actually kept it simplier this year.

Remember the welcome post? Go to the archives of previous post to see how to make this. I couldn't find the cabbages I wanted for my front door pots, so I used a shrub instead! They cost the same and I can plant it in the ground during the spring. The cabbage would have just died. Don't get me wrong I love cabbages in my pots....I have other planters with them and I will show you later in a different post. I often plant for the fall with shrubs and perennials. See the pretty Coral Bells to the right of the pansies?

I love ground cover in my pots. It's a great Fall look throw in some gourds and you're done.

The mantel is another area to impact! How I made the "B" is on a previous post, go to the archives and check it out! :) I also added some logs that were different heights for a little interest. I love my "GIVE THANKS" banners. They are really easy to make.

See....layers, layers, layers! "Real life" pieces (like pine cones dried flowers and wood), glass, and artificial decorative pieces when put together looks very elegant. The topiary were two pumpkins I hated. I repainted them stacked them, then glued them to this urn I had, added berries and moss. Another free item for me, because I refurbished old stuff!

Oversized acorn, that really was a Christmas ornament. Cute little real pumpkin, pinecones (I throw them everywhere). Fake berries, real dried Hydrangeas from my yard.

I always have to throw in a bird!

In the vases I added sticks from the yard, cut out bird shapes from cardboard and covered them with print. I also added real acorns that I painted.

The banners I cut from burlap. Printed out the letters from the computer and traced them with a marker and filled them in with paint.

Here's my wreath. I combined two ideas that I liked. It turned out pretty good. Hope you were inspired. I will be sharing more ideas. They will not all be mine....I will be sharing my friends homes and recipes soon . That way you can see different styles from this blog. Everyone is different and it's great to share with one another  our ideas, to broaden our imaginations and creativity! Now go impact those areas and make it "Fabulous Fall"!

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