Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Decor

This year I had a challenge in my den on Christmas decorating. I do all colors in my den, and colored lights on my den tree. It's a whimsical theme. This year I wanted to incorporate some Shabby Chic. How was I going to marry the two styles? It wasn't easy, but I think I did it! My kids still got their colorful whimsy  and I got a little Shabby Chic. I added some burlap( I've been using it a lot this year.)to the mantel and kept my star that I always have out. Instead of a wreath this year I added a wooden, outlined star with Pine cones. I bought the star and glued pine cones from ribbon, then tied them to the star. I also added real minature evergreens to the mantel They were short and squatty so I painted some logs and placed them on top. I balance the jingle bell tree on the right with a red Christmas ball on the left. I painted pine cones white and put them in my garland with all the colorful Christmas balls. I think it works.

Combining two different styles can be a challenge, but give it a try.

White tree branches in a pot with Christmas balls. I love this simple, but impacting display. Didn't cost me anything. Branches from the yard, can of spray paint I had, Christmas balls I had. Done!

This year instead of Poinsettias on my foyer table, I used all the little decorative trees I had all on one table. Instead of spreading them about, I put them all together with a deer I had (painted white of course) and a new tree I made out of chicken wire and sticks.

I shaped the chicken wire into a cylinder first, then smushed it in a the top to have a point. I then took a thin piece of duck tape and winded it down the chicken wire. This was to give me solid areas to hot glue the sticks. After covering it with sticks, I ran wire all the way down the tree (in a winding pattern) to keep the sticks secure. I did add a little grapevine also. Spray painted it white and it was finished. I like all the different textures, heights and colors of the trees. You can add greenery, but I opt for this beaded garland I had. It matched the metallic trees and I thought it completed this arrangement. Just keep going and adding layers til it seems right to you.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and craft ideas. Visit me again soon, I still have more to share. Merry Christmas from my family and MyHome@CarolinaPlace!

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  1. I love all the tree decor together with the deer. Looks great!