Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas...Let's make some crafts!

I did some changes this year in my decor. I added Burlap. I really love it. It adds just a little Shabby Chic to my style. I still want it to be elegant though. Here I bought some real shrubs and just left them in their containers. Cover the bottoms with plastic so when you water them , they will not leak. I covered them in a cream burlap, tied black ribbon around them and added these burlap letters that I made. I'm going to show you how I made them. "Joy" is what I felt after doing this craft. Burlap bow, black ribbon, pine cones;natural and some I painted white. Gold bells, lights and a little bird...can you see him?

The shrubs I got on clearance, for only two dollars. Yaaaaay!

Vintage button trees! I love making these with my kids. Well started making them with my kids, they were over it pretty quick and deserted me to finish them! Oh well!

I'm going to show you how I made these also.

Now these canning jars I made a while back. They weren't my idea, I was inspired by a friend who made one out of the vintage blue jars. I did them in my kitchen colors and added a bow, so I do not have pics to show you how I made them. I will talk you through it.

You add some fake snow stuff....I don't know what the official name is, to the bottom of the jar. It comes in a bag and it looks like flakes of snow. Then you cut a hole in the lid to string the ornament through. Secure it from the outer top and wire a bow to it. They are so cute.
Ok so I made the "JOY" out of card board from a cereal box. That's right, a cereal box! I am very frugal and have been accused many times that I can make something from nothing. This time I really did...trash. A cereal box that had been tossed. I drew the letters, cut them out, glued them to the burlap. After they dried, I trimmed them out from the burlap.
Ok so you know that same cereal box? Yea that's right, I cut some Christmas trees from it also. Just started hot gluing away all the buttons. These buttons are really old, so people like to call them vintage. It sounds far more chic. Whatever....keepin' it real, as always. After I finish the trees, I hot glued them to a piece of burlap ribbon, to make it a banner. You can easily make them as an ornament for your Christmas tree, or a great tag for a Christmas present.
This is my lovely family! My husband, our five kids and myself. Whew! just typing "our five kids" makes me tired. I love them all so much! Wanted to share one of the pics from our Christmas card. I'll share another on the next post. Have a Merry Christmas, from my family @ CarolinaPlace to your family @ your place! :)

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